Bukovel Card - replenish ski-passes online!

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the newcoming feature of our online booking system Вukovel24.

From now on, replenish your ski-pass balance online with Bukovel Key Card, without wasting time in queues!

The card itself can be purchased in any ticket office of the resort. Moreover, Bukovel Key Cards are available from the online shop, with "Nova Poshta" delivery service. The price of the card is 70 UAH. The validity term of the card is infinite.

As soon as you have the card, follow this simple activation procedure:

Step 1 – download the Вukovel24 mobile app on iOS and Android;
Step 2 – associate a Bukovel Key Card with your personal account;
Step 3 – purchase and/or replenish the ski-pass of your choice online, in a couple of taps from your smartphone.

Simple as that! Your Bukovel Key Card will be accepted by all turnstile card readers.

Sounds convenient, isn’t it?

We are looking forward to further improve the capabilities of this service. Stay tuned, we will keep you constantly updated on the new features being implemented.

For details, please call: +38 0342 595546

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!

Attention Customers!

Bukovel Card may be replenished according to different skiing rates simultaneously. If multiple options are added during the same booking session (i.e. 3 days “High season”, then 3 days “Low season”), skiing days are stacked in the exactly same order in which they are added to the cart. The tourniquet pass-through system then activates the card and starts charging it according to the queue. 

The next tariff in the queue becomes chargeable subject to skiing days of the previously added tariff being completely used. At the same time, if the previously queued tariff does not meet the criteria of the current skiing season, the card will remain inactive until the relevant season starts.

We kindly ask Customers to keep this in mind when using their cards during the skiing season transition periods!

If you have “High season” skiing days queued up on your Bukovel Card first and “Low season” skiing days last, “High season” days will always be charged first, regardless of the actual season.

To avoid complications, we highly recommend using different cards for different skiing seasons.