November 2019
Reach «Bukovel» by plane: airfare special deals from 1000 UAH

Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform that a couple of special flights have been announced, connecting our region with some major Ukrainian cities. With Bukovel being reachable by plane, our guests have the opportunity to spend more time on vacation, instead of travelling for eternity.

Awesome news for our guests from Kyiv and Dnipro! Starting from December 27th, we’re teaming-up with our partner company "Windrose" Airlines in order to provide some very affordable and convenient flights between airports Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO), Kyiv (KBP) and Dnipro (DNK). Special flights are going to be made twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays:

  • Kyiv (KBP) - Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO) UAH 1500
  • Dnipro (DNK) - Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO) UAH 2000 

For those our guests who book accommodation at: "Bukovel", "VIP-Residency", "Edelweiss" - the fares are even more affordable.

  • Kyiv (KBP) – Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO) UAH 1000 
  • Dnipro (DNK) - Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO) UAH 1500 

The price is given for a one-way ticket.

All taxes and fees included, as well as hand luggage (up to 5kg) and heavy luggage (up to 23kg). Baby's special (under 1 year, 11 months old) - 90% discount. We provide group transfer to/from the resort, on a comfortable bus. Individual transfer is provided on demand (available at an additional cost).

Free group transfers are provided exclusively to residents of the hotels: "Bukovel", "VIP-Residency", "Edelweiss", "Iris", "Iron Bridge", "CrepeDeChine", "Tavel Hotel & SPA", "Hvoya", "Beskyd suites", "ZimaSnow", "Radisson". You may order a free transfer by applying to the resort's booking office +38 0342 59 55 46 or TC "Bukovel" reception desk. The "free transfer" term designates the opportunity to purchase the service at a price of 1UAH per passenger. Please provide a paid order number to the driver in order to confirm your entitlement to free services. No transfer will be provided without such a confirmation.

Stay tuned! More announcements still to come!

The guests being accommodated by "Bukovel" hotels* and are entitled to preferential airfare should apply to the resort’s booking office by calling +38 0342 59 55 46.

Other guests have an option to book standard airfare through partner company’s website and bukovel24 or apply to resort’s booking offices.

For details, call: +38 0342 59 55 46

Save your travelling time and take the most fun out of your vacation.

Flight Departure Arrival
Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO) — Kiev (KBР) 16:40 17:50
Kiev (KBР) — Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO) 09:20 10:40
Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO) — Dnipro (DNK) 15:35 17:10
Dnipro (DNK) — Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO) 11:40 13:15

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpahtians!