June 2018
Third Ukrainian children’s book festival «Read Ukrainian»

A regrettable fact indeed, year by year books do lose their former magnetic powers. Modern television with a variety of content and the increasing influence of Internet trends – both displace literature firmly and rapidly. Still it is a pleasant time-passing to open a favorite book once again, or a book you’re completely unfamiliar with, and simply enjoy it, flicking pages slowly, plunging into a fairy world, created by authors. As we always care for the future of literature, once again we bring together our literature-loving friends, by welcoming the Third Ukrainian children’s book festival "Read Ukrainian". The festival will be five fantastic days of meeting the characters of some classic

Ukrainian children’s fiction, imaginary adventures and travels to different corners of the country. Moreover, some tips will be given to future book writers and some secrets revealed, concerning the mastery of crafting high quality stories. Now it’s the time that we introduce our guests, leading Ukrainian writers – Maryna Pavlenko, Andriy Bachynskyi, Hanna Vdovychenko, Natalka Maletych and Olena Gutyk. We have a highly saturated program prepared for our young Artekiates: book exhibitions with vast thematic shelves, literature reviews, book readings and presentations, games and contests in reciting and acting. We strive to give children those priceless feelings of discovery and happiness which reading generously provides, introduce them to the values of Good and Spirituality.

Coming up July 6-11, the biggest children’s book festival in the region, don’t miss it!