June 2018
«Artek-Bukovel» future profession days

There is an opinion out there that a person has two birthdays: first being actual date of birth, second is the time when people prove themselves as personalities, choose their path to follow, a job to take. Thus, choosing an occupation is a pivotal step in life. As we strive to help Artekiates with their aspirations, we decided to run a symbolic fair for children, with invited representatives of almost every popular profession. The kids were introduced to a variety (over 30) of significant professions. For a more confident future choice, children had an opportunity to try each of them first and our guests stayed around to basically answer all the questions. Profession fair event was held on June 1st, and it was a successful experiment overall, giving children an opportunity to meet new people and prepare for important live-changing choices waiting for them ahead.

The information and knowledge received was interesting and useful and the final choice is for Artekiates alone to make!