June 2018
«Kids Fun Fest» humor festival

"Arten-Bukovel" children’s camp team heartly welcomes their guests, always. This year was the first time that we celebrated "Kids Fun Fest", our small own piece of the big world of comedy.

For the opening ceremony we had big-time actors and scriptwriters from the "League of Laughter" show on 1+1 TV channel. Fiery jokes, masterful improvisations and easy-going summer mood – that was an atmosphere of the day in the main hall of "BUKA" entertainment center. Actors from some leading youth comedy teams had their autograph sessions, master classes and meetings arranged with young Artekiates. They have also become leaders of the teams in their preparation for their first scenic comedy experience. Now the big quest to the scene is over and we have our winners – kids from platoon number 9, leaded by actors of "Mini Panki" comedy crew. Here’s what one of the competitors has to say: "The emotions are just overwhelming. It’s such a big cause, so much responsibility. Impressions are vibrant, emotions are just fountaining from inside, the adrenalin rush from the competition is something we’ll never forget. That is how it was".

No matter who: fans, guests of the festivals or children from Artek – everyone found themselves inside a vivid, emotional maelstrom of the festival. All the teams were honored by diplomas and incentive prizes.