July 2019
Read Ukrainian with «Artek-Bukovel»

In the course of our quest to popularize the modern children's literature between "Artek-Bukovel" campers, we once again welcome the fourth children's book festival "Read Ukrainian". The time has cone to fill the informational void with literature and discuss some good books! After all, if you think that modern Ukrainian literature doesn’t exist, stuck on fantasy or whatever, we’ll be pleased to try and prove the opposite and introduce you to something new!

The children's book festival promises five unforgettable days of activity: getting acquainted with characters written by famous writers, literary labyrinths in the world of adventures and disclosure of secrets of bookwriting. Some very best Ukrainian children's writers will become guests of the festival. Each Artekiate will be able to take a tour of our themed bookshelves and book exhibitions, visit books presentations, play games and quizzes, become a member of literary drawing rooms and evenings.

This year, on July 18-21, meet Andrii Bachynskyi, Natalia Deviatko, Roman Rositskyi, Natalia Maletych and editor board members of the children's magazine “Piznayko”!

Sail the boundless ocean of books and literature. Be modern and read Ukrainian!