July 2017
Artek session update

July 14 – 27

Been longing for summer activities? Is it sport and wild nature that call to you, is it ultimate mountain trials that you have been waiting for? The time has come to answer the call of the wild and put your endurance and intellect to a test. Thrilling quests, unpredictable discoveries and countless tough trials are ready for you and your peers. This session is designed to fulfill all the summer expectations of all those adventurous and adrenaline-thirsty kids.


July 13-26

Are you ready to face exciting adventures, immerse yourself into an impulsive maelstrom of holiday experience, unbelievable events, unexpected meetings, carnivals and travels? Are you ready for Gameland Artek? We love games and amusements. And of them we know a lot. Sporting games, personifications, board games, playable indoors or in a touring bus, on a holiday or outside, informative and entertaining, in English, in German and in Ukrainian - too hard to name them all. Everyone gets involved and prepared for the pompous Gameland Aftermath Festival in the end of the session!  


July 14–27

The love to Motherland comes in many different forms. In July, among the sky-reaching Carpathian fir trees in Bukovel, loud and confident chants can be heard, as Artekiates proudly state their love and devotion to their home country, Ukraine. Although the camp represents only a small amount of all beauties and wonders of our Land, Artek counselors are the living examples of patriotism and noble vital values, ready to share their knowledge in history, country-studies and folklore with all the campers, contributing to the brighter future of our State.


July 20-28

When we climb to the top of a mountain, it seems that sky-high peaks can't be reached, but curiosity and persistence force us to make a next step, and another one after that. Step by step, inch by inch, we conquer our own mountains, whatever they are. Mountain hikes are capable to boost one's inspiration and motivation to the top, thus we consider this form of activity invaluable in the upbringing of the new, responsible and purposeful generation. Honest, open-hearted, talented and willful generation - that is how we see our kids, the Future of the State.


Special event - II international Children's Book Festival (July 19-23).

Five unforgettable days in a company of vivid literary characters; conversations and classes with famous Ukrainian bookwriters. This year we continue our quest with a bright constellation of authors: Larysa Nitsoy, Liubov Viduta, Elina Zarzhytska, Galyna Malyk and Zirka Menzatiuk. Once again we shall introduce Artek children to the world of books and literature.