July 2019
«Artek-Bukovel» meets Anna-Marie Danchi

Dear Artekiates,

As the summer season goes on, we have another starry guest to announce.

Meet Anna-Marie, a Ukrainian snowboarder and World Cup triumphant, the participant of three Winter Olympics in 2010, 2014 and 2018. The titular athlete has been invited to visit our sporting festival during the 5th camping session at "Artek-Bukovel". Anna will surely share the secrets of her success and give some valuable tips on how to overcome obstacles in one’s sporting career. Last but not least, our traditional photo-sessions this time are about to feature not just the renowned boarder herself, but also one of her Olympic medals!

Lots of interesting things await, and we’re more than excited to have you in our big family and share all those memorable summer moments together!