11 MAY 2023
Camp booking underway: choose between 6 Artek experiences!

Dear parents!

With summer season rapidly approaching, we have a fantastic offer for you and your kids to consider: a thrilling adventure instead of wasting time behind gadget screens. Book for your child 2 weeks worth of experiences in the heart of the mountains: daily activities and personal development courses, new friends, hiking and trekking, memorable summer discos! Choose between 6 themed camps to perfectly match your offspring's inclinations. Welcome to "Artek-Bukovel" 2023!

"ART-ROBLOX: Create your Game"
June 2 - June 15

Prepare your child to assume the role of a creator and forge their own game rulesets. While working as a team, kids will develop their creativity, logical thinking and social skills. Camp highlights include Bukovel's best amusements, campfire evenings with peers, competitions, parties & discos, mountain hikes and much more.

"Landing on the planet MarsTech"
June 16 - June 29

During this "space odyssey", crew members will encounter various opportunities for fun and personal growth. The camp is designed in a way for a young personality to explore new fields of activity and take a break from parent supervision.

"Carpathian Jungle: the Call of the Woods"
June 30 - July 13

Simalarly to any jungle region, the Carpathian mountains is a green paradise with forests and rivers, and a home to people with a unique cultural heritage. It is during this camp that young Artekiates will enjoy the beauty, as well as the renowned hospitality of Hutsulschyna.

"Ready.. Set.. Artek!"
July 14 - July 27

Joined by experienced counselors, Artekiates will engage in a 2-week course of trials, which, in addition to classic disciplines, will include orienteering, hiking and trekking. We want our campers to possess healthy spirits in healthy bodies, therefore provide opportunities to become even more handsome and enjoy a healthier way of life.

"Back to the Future. PROArtek"
July 28 - August 10

Held under the motto "Fantasize and strategize", this camp will nurture the next generation of businessmen and incentivize to think "out of the box". We will create a favorable environment for creativity, helping kids develop resourcefulness and the ability to come up with keen ideas.

"I'm going to Karpaty, the Green Karpaty..."
August 11 - August 24

This closing session makes for a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the culture and unique mountain life of Hutsuls. Definitely, our colorful region deserves the attention of mankind's future generations!

Campers are housed in comfy rooms provided by Bukovel Hotel, with balanced meals included 5 times a day. The camp territory is reliably protected. Our experienced couselors and medical personnel will thoroughly watch children 24/7.

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