July 2017
"Artek" sessions in Vienna Alps!

The opening session has started on May 30 for twenty five Artekiates, those who enjoy discovering new countries, meeting new people and studying foreign languages in a friendly, native-speaking environment.

This summer has became a pleasant surprise for Stanislav Dombrowski and Mykhaylo Gurskyi, winners of nationwide Olympic school competitions in IT and English studies. For their talents and significant achievements, they received free Artek visas to Semmering from Olexandr Shevchenko, people's deputy of Ukraine. As the gifted children are worthy of the highest rewards for their efforts, we shall continue with our preferential program for the most talented and hard working ones.

Session One. From Carpathians to Alps.
June 30 - July 13

Summer is a perfect moment for travels. How about something unusual? We're going to have an expedition! Go ahead, plan a route, name your ship and set sail! Who will prove himself to be the best captain? Best crew member? Best navigator? Join us and we will see. Use all your will and motivation, all erudition and cunning, all your skills in foreign languages. One more thing, don't you know, what is the main thing about naval expeditions? That's right, treasures! Keep your eyes open, don't sit back, as crews of the other ships are not going to let you take the primacy in the competition that easily!