February 2020
«Artek-Bukovel» early booking has started!

Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform that "Artek-Bukovel" camps are now available for advance booking.

From now on, "Forest" and "Lake" camp visas may be pre-ordered. Stake a guaranteed slot for your child in advance so they might have a marvelous summer holiday experience, become healthier and more self-confident, and receive new valuable skills and traits!

"Artek-Bukovel" is considered to be one of the best Ukrainian children's camp franchises, and rightfully so: the brand is a direct descendant of the legendary Crimean "Artek" camp, established at "Bukovel" after the annexation of the peninsula.

As a parent, you may hesitate in camp or session choice for your kids. The thing is, our each camp and session is unique in its own way, has its own theme, mission and approach. Make sure that you read the session description attentively and choose those that match the interests and inclinations of your child!

For additional info and booking, please call: +38 0342 59 55 46. 

Camping session info and pricing.

Please note that the number of visas per session is limited. We highly recommend that you book those camping sessions in advance!

Bookings is now!

“Artek-Bukovel”: Grow. Explore. Discover.