June 2019
1st Bukovel Media Fest

Dear friends of "Artek-Bukovel"!

We’re so excited to introduce our latest addition to the summer camping schedule, the "Bukovel Media Fest". Nothing in this crazy and dynamic world of hi-tech is more valuable then information!

On the 6th of June we had our opening ceremony, attended by region’s high-profile media figures: Oksana Ostrovska, Yevhen Romanytsia, Olena Kvitka, Natalia Farmus, as well as delegates from a popular children’s magazine editor board.

Our mentors are going to spend four days in the company of Artekiates, providing workshops, autograph- and photo-sessions. A highly-saturated schedule indeed for our children! Together, we’re about to immerse ourselves into a fantastic world, which blurs the boundary between living beings and technologies.