«CREPEdeCHINok» Pancakes

Once upon a time, some true friends gathered, who loved extreme skiing and also had a keen sense in cuisine. And so they asked themselves, how could riders both take their time on the slopes and keep bellies well-fed?

And they came to the conclusion, that there’s nothing better than a pancake to satisfy their hunger after a good ride.

That is how “CREPEdeCHINok” was conceived - the place where skimen, freeriders, boarders and other hardcore folks meet. The combination of appropriate vibe, balmy coffee, stunning mountain views and a huge assortment of pancakes is well appreciated!

Hit the slopes, get suntanned, live it up! With free Wi-Fi, put it all on the Web! Right at the spot - upload photos, videos, post tweets and do check-ins!

Now and forever, "CREPEdeCHINok" is where good friends meet!

Operation hours
  • weekdays Mo-Fr 07:30 - 22:00
  • weekends Sa-Su 07:30 - 22:00