Ski training license obtaining procedure

Though only authorized persons representing Bukovel Ski School (and partner schools) are allowed to provide courses at “Bukovel” ski resort, feel free to train your relatives yourself!

Specially designated slopes only.

We at TC “Bukovel” highly prioritize service level and safety. As technique and health conditions of our guests differ, we tend to separate the beginners from experienced riders on different ski slopes.

Skiing and snowboarding training can be provided by:

  • Bukovel Ski School instructors;
  • Coaches from partner ski schools. They are partners of the resort, authorized to run training courses;
  • Guests, who train their relatives (children, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers or sisters) and have received the following written permission.


For ski schools:

Submit an application form (attached below).The following fields are mandatory:

  • ski school name,
  • contacts,
  • training day and time,
  • number of students,
  • number of instructors,
  • students’ riding skills,
  • additional requests (giant slalom slope, slope difficulty, etc.)

For relatives:

1. On the day you plan the training, visit Bukovel Ski School department 7А (opposite the parking P7) with your students.Training permission obtaining procedure usually lasts 10-15 minutes, working hours are from 9AM to 4PM.

In this office, you will:

  • listen to safety and responsibility course;
  • determine your training schedule;
  • according to skills of your students, determine the most appropriate slope and trail;
  • obtain a license, as well as shirt-fronts for you and your students.

Please bring your identity proving document (passport, driving license, etc.) in order to obtain a license!

2. A training license owner must have a “Bukovel Ski School" printed frontwear for the period of training. The rent fee is 200UAH, which will be completely refunded when you finish your training course.

3. Having the permission and shirt-fronts, you may start the training.

4. On the slope, you are obliged to wear your shirt-front and have your license with you.

5. After the training is complete, the license, along with the shirt-fronts, must be returned to the ski school office.

Violations of this procedure and training on the wrong slopes may lead to:

  • Warning,
  • Ski-pass blocking.