Ski Lift Rules of Conduct


1.1. TC “Bukovel" ski lift Rules of Conduct, henceforth - the Rules, contain basic behavior principles regarding the loading-travelling-unloading routine, in order to create the required safety conditions on the line, minimize risks and prevent traumatism. 
1.2. The terms and definitions of these Rules are as follows:

Passenger – anyone who travels using the ski lift;
Ski Lift – transportation system for skiers, which has wire-mounted chairs circulating between the loading and unloading stations, supported by pillars, and corresponding mechanisms.
Loading zone – a platform for passengers to maintain the boarding procedure;
Rider (skier, snowboarder) – anyone who moves along the ski trail, using special equipment (skis, snowboard).

1.3. Anyone who uses the ski lift service at TC “Bukovel” is the subject of these Rules.
1.4. Each passenger must follow these Rules, as well as instructions, posted or verbal, given by the TC “Bukovel” lift service personnel, follow markers and signs along the transporting line.
1.5. All damage done to the property of TC "Bukovel", or to any other passenger, with proven fact of violation of these Rules, must be refunded on demand, according to the current Law. 
1.6. When any violations of these Rules occur, TC “Bukovel” administration has the denial of service right. This includes ski-pass (either single-use or prepaid) blocking. The price of a ski-pass being banned is not refundable.
1.7. In the case that the Rules violation (by passengers) lead to traumatism or triggered other accidents, TC “Bukovel” carries no responsibility and the damage is not refunded by the Company.
1.8. Passengers are obliged to follow these Rules.


2.1. Before passing the tourniquet and entering the loading zone, passengers line up evenly, in accordance to the number of seats of the lift. Children must take the side seats. 
2.2. In order to prevent traumatism, passengers must not have their ski poles on straps. Poles must be held in one hand, by the half-point of the pole.
2.3. Loading is restricted to a specific location, marked by “BOARD HERE” sign. Loading is only allowed in station person-in-duty’s presence.
2.4. When in boarding zone, passenger has to position themself properly, the approaching seat has to be exactly behind their back. Passenger takes a seat only when a chair is in close proximity.


3.1. After taking a seat and leaving the loading zone, restrainment bar has to be put down into “closed” position, feet put on the footrest.
3.2. If a passenger drops something, they have to remember the number on the closest pillar, in order to report to personnel of the upper station.


4.1. When the unloading station is in sight, passengers must get prepared: raise the restrainment bar, check their equipment, outfit, waist bags and back packs, so a hitch won’t be a problem when leaving the chair.
4.2. During the unloading, passengers without skis/snowboards must step aside, right seats – to the right, left seats – to the left, let a chair go forward, and quickly free the unloading zone for others to pass. Skiers leave their seats and slide forward through the ramp. Crowding is strictly prohibited. 


5.1. One may not stand up, lay down against the chairs, seat facing backward.
5.2. No horseplaying when riding a chairlift.
5.3. No smoking, no open fire.
5.4. No explosive, flammable, poisonous liquids or substances.
5.5. Staying in the chair while moving around the revolving node (pulley) is prohibited.
5.6. No walking below the carrier wire, except urgent cases.
5.7. Passengers may not stay in the stations, except loading/unloading platforms.
5.8. Boarding and leaving the chairs everywhere except loading/unloading platforms is prohibited.
5.9. No riding without restrainment bar put down.
5.10. No animals.
5.11. No bulky baggage, no baggage above 15kg weight.
5.12. Skis may not be oriented perpendicularly towards the traffic direction.
5.13. No jumping off the seat on the move.
5.14. One must not knowingly inflict damage to the ski lift equipment.
5.15. One may not use the lift under the influence of any drug or alcohol.
5.16. No dirty or damaged skiwear.
5.17. Children under the age of 14 and below 125cm. height are not allowed without adults.


6. Passengers with snowboards (snowboarders), along with stated above, must follow these additional instructions:

6.1 Before entering the tourniquet, one must detach their back-foot from the board.
6.2 When waiting for a chair, snowboard must be placed in parallell towards the traffic.
6.3 After taking a seat and leaving the loading zone, restrainment bar has to be put down into “closed” position, snowboard put on the footrest.
6.4 When unloading, snowboard is put in parallel towards the slope line, back-foot is put on the board, no back-foot attaching.
6.5 After unloading and leaving the unloading zone, one may attach their back-foot.

Boarders may not use the lift with both boots being attached, or keeping snowboard in hand.


7.1. If the lift stops, passengers must remain seated and wait for a restart (or operator instructions), making no attempts to leave the line.
7.2. Prior to using any lift, passengers must get familiar with these Rules, possess knowledge of loading, traveling and unloading routine. Violation of these Rules may lead to traumatism or other accidents, as well as penalties.

TC “Bukovel” administration.