Insurance deals

insurance against injuries recieved due to ski-lift accidents
in the period between 10.11.2021 and 20.05.2022
(injuries received on the slopes are not covered)

In case of an injury that requires search and rescue operations, transportation services, outpatient and inpatient emergency care, for persons using TC "Bukovel" ski-lifts, which includes loading, transportation and unloading, you must contact the TC "Bukovel" medical center, then call the Insurer's hotline 0 800 213 012 within 1 (one) day after the accident and provide the following information:

  • full name of the injured Third person;
  • reason for the appeal (health disorder brief description, insured event circumstances);
  • actual location address and contact phone number
  • other information at the request of the Insurer's doctor-coordinator.

1.  According to the Agreement, TC "Bukovel" and its partner company "KNIAZHA VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP" deliver services in order to partly cover the losses, suffered by the Third person, which are as follows:

medical care on
prehospital level on the basis of:
-    TC "Bukovel" first aid station. in case of traumatic injury, suffered
by the Third person due to
accident during the use of ski-lifts
of the Insurer.
Urgent inpatient
treatment on the basis
of the following hospitals:
-    Yaremche Central Town Hospital;
-    Nadvirna Central Town Hospital;
-    Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital;
-    Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital;
-    Ivano-Frankivsk Central City Clinical Hospital;
-    Ivano-Frankivsk Central City Clinical Hospital No.1;
inpatient treatment according to
emergency care medical
service delivery protocols
and treatment standards,
depending on the nosological form 
Medicinal support
for the period of
inpatient treatment
Medical institution, Pharmacy institution reimbursement of money
spent on medical supplies, 
prescribed during inpatient
treatment, according to
medical care quality standards

2. Exclusively on the basis of medical institutions specified in the Agreement and according to medical care protocols, "KNIAZHA VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP" arranges and provides payment for the following services, within the insurance limit of UAH 5,000.00:

  • emergency outpatient and inpatient care;
  • medical supply during inpatient treatment (not more than UAH 500.00 (five hundred) per insured event)

Important! The expenses for extra materials, including those for metalsynthesis - plates, pins, prostheses, orthoses and scotch tape are not refundable.

Important!!! Medical institutions are the exclusive recipients of insurance indemnity. Self-incurred costs are not refundable.


In case the injured Third party person coordinates their independent spendings with the Insurer, regarding medical care receipt, including outpatient (inpatient) medical care and medical supplies, prescribed as part of treatment on the basis of medical institutions specified in the Agreement, there are the following requirements:

  • the purchase of services/medical supplies must be agreed with an Insurer representative by calling the 24h hotline 800 213 012
  • medical supplies must be purchased in the locality where the Third person is hospitalized, which includes staying in the hospital due to the consequences of the injury;
  • a written application must be submitted to the Insurance Company, followed by an subordinate act, an extract from the medical history and financial documents, no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days from the end of outpatient and/or inpatient treatment.

In other cases, self-incurred Third party expenses are not refundable.       

3.  "KNIAZHA VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP" delivers a one-time insurance indemnity in the amount of UAH 6,000: 

  • in case of death of an insured person due to injury during the use of ski-lifts of TC "Bukovel".

Important! Insurance indemnity is paid to inheritors of the deceased person. In any case, the Insurer is not liable for insurance reimbursement in the event of death of an injured person, which is not the result of a ski-lift accident.



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