«To the mountains will i go»

Main checkpoints: ТC «Bukovel» – ski-lift #14 – ТC «Bukovel» 
Length: 7 kilometrers
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Elevation gain: 389 meters
Lowest point: 898 meters
Highest point: 1200 meters
Difficulty level: suitable for beginners
Marking: red

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We recommend the hiking route "To the mountains will i go" to adults and children 16+. Children aged 7-16 are allowed if only accompanied by adults over 18 years old. Disabled persons with certain pathologies (mental disorders, epilepsy, musculoskeletal defects) are not allowed.

How to take the route with a qualified guide?

Starting at 08:00, daily in the period from 01.06 to 31.08.2021, a team of tourists is departing from the TC "Bukovel" tourist center, being accompanied by a guide. The number of spots in the team is limited, booking is available at the tourist center office. The route schedule can be found in the tourist center main office. The fee for a single tour is 250 UAH per person.

Tour description

"I will go to distant mountains"… When you hear this legendary song, what do you imagine? Mountain peaks, gusts of wind, freedom… Guessed right? Then pack your bags and head to the Carpathians! After all, only here can you truly get it all.

The route "To the mountains will i go" is for those who enjoys their time in the lap of nature. It is designed to replenish your physical and mental strength, so you can admire the beauty of the mountains, enjoy the fresh air, lush meadows and the majesty of ancient forests.

The route starts from the ski-lift  #14. From above you can enjoy the picturesque panorama of the resort, fnd in the background - the majestic peaks that surround it. Between the mountains lays Lake of Youth, a large man-made sea with clear crystal clear water. And from the top, contemplating the fantastic beauty of our mountains, you will forget about city routine and enjoy relaxation and freedom.

The route is available to absolutely everyone - adults and children, it doesn't require additional physical training. Along the way you may find fragrant mushrooms and berries or come across lush mountain pastures.

And, of course, this experience will relieve fatigue like in an instant. Welcome to contemplate the beautiful scenery, admire the majestic peaks, breathe in fresh air, feel the music of the wind and enjoy the mountains!

Be prepared! What you should have:

  • drinking water and snacks;
  • comfortable shoes and clothes to protect from possible precipitation in case of significant weather fluctuations. Sudden changes in weather are common in the mountains;
  • to avoid getting lost, bring a GPS navigator (compass, map), as well as a whistle;
  • mushroom basket;
  • mushroom knife;
  • alpenstock;
  • first aid kit. It is also advisable to bring repellents to protect against insect bites;
  • mobile phone with a fully charged battery.

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!

Operation hours
  • weekdays Mo-Fr 08:00 - 19:00
  • weekends Fr-Su 08:00 - 19:00