Bukovel Health Center

TC “Bukovel” is not just about skiing and recreation, as it features a top-class balneal clinic with modern medical and diagnostics equipment, highly qualified staff and unique mineral waters available.

Our resort provides cure and recovery options to people with support motor apparatus, gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract diseases.

We have modern facilities, as well as wide range of medical services. X-ray and ultrasonic diagnostics, massage, manual therapy, acupuncture, balneal therapy and of course, the best specialists – all this is the real pride of TC “Bukovel”.

Wellness and SPA treatments are available to help improve the general conditions of organism and physical shape.

Computerized tractional table (TRITON) provides treatment of intercostal hernias without surgery. The new word in spine and related diseases treatment, it offers rehabilitation and recuperation of the moving functions of extremities. TRITON system also provides stretching and mobilization of skeleton tissues and thews.

TRITON system is recommended to patients with:

  • disk slips;
  • disk hernias;
  • degenerate disk arthrosis;
  • acute disk diseases;
  • nerve-ending pain;
  • prolapse of disks;
  • nerve-ending pinches;
  • hypo-mobility;
  • joint pains;
  • disks pathology;
  • rehabilitation after compression of spine fractures;
  • infantile scoliosis

The TRITON system provides the stepwise spine stretching with up to 90 kg maximum load. Equipped with the reverse myography unit, it can read the electric potential of muscles and send it into the computer.

New generation ultrasonic diagnostics. High accuracy equipment of the same class now can only be found in several leading clinics of Ukraine.

Clinical lab. Blood and urine analysis can be taken in no time with high accuracy computer analyzer.

Alpha capsule unit combines the latest achievments in medical science and high technologies. It features ten programs for the various ailments treatment:

  • hydrography;
  • physical detoxication program;
  • weight loss program;
  • anti-cellulitis program;
  • phototherapy;
  • infrared sauna;
  • body wrapping;
  • pain release;
  • stress release;
  • sleep, meditation.

If needed, recovery programs can be combined with manual therapy.

Hydrocolonography - detoxication and excretement course.

Multifunctional hydro-massage baths. Ozone, essences, sea salts and other medicinal substances are used in this course.

LPG M6 KeyModule – thews and conjunctive tissues treatment.

  • recovery of muscle tissues;
  • treatment of fibrosis, muscles swelling;
  • normalizing moving function of thews;
  • cellulitis, ski sprains, varicose veins treatment;
  • muscle warmup before competitions, recovery after physical stress;
  • improving general state of health, oxygenation of muscles;
  • muscle relaxation, stress relaxation.
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