Wood-fired bathhouse

When water and fire get together in lust – a healing, odorous steam is born. True miracles, however, begin as soon as steam meets a bunch of oaken or birchen twigs!

What is the ancient bathing ritual known for?

Since the ancient times, up to our days, the unique bathing secrets are being preserved, the ritual to purify, treat and rejuvenate both body and soul. The "CARTEL" family revives the authentic bathing traditions, so that anyone may experience the luxury treatments, only available back in the day to Ruthenian princes and nobles! 

Wood-Fired Bathhouse's professional staff will take on a journey through time and tradition, which will grant you immense health and energy growth. May your body have wings, let your heart and soul sing!

Wood-Fired Bathhouse is located in a quiet place in the very heart of the resort. The heater is already steaming and the birchen twigs are rustling. You dear guests are heartily invited!

The establishment is open for visitors. Available 24h!

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Operation hours
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