«VODA club»

In summertime, "VODA club" welcomes to country’s uttermost mountain lake beaches: 900 meters above the sea level, crystal clear air, infused with evergreen pin tree needle scent: everything is right for a perfect retreat!

Tan in the sun and relax!

Over 1000 comfortable sunbeds, VIP-bungalows, lounge chairs and sofas, capable of accommodating even larger companies of friends. It’s up to you to choose from a cascade of terraces:


  • Major Terrace (along the big pool and the Lake of Youth shore);
  • Johnnie Walker’s Sunken Terrace, offering access to the popular SubBoard attraction;
  • Waterpark Terrace (amidst the lake);
  • VIP-zone (sofa-furnished bungalows);
  • Jack Honey Terrace (2nd floor, tented);
  • Finlandia Terrace (3rd floor open deck with alfresco Jacuzzis);
  • Kids Paradise terrace, for our youngest guests and their parents.


  • 1st floor panoramic terrace. Despite being usually crowded, it maintains the feeling of tranquility and coziness;
  • 2nd floor relax zone. Furnished with sofas, it allows visitors to enjoy a more quiet environment and have a break from the hassle.

Chill in the pools!

  • All-season heated pool: 1,5 meter depth, water temperature 30-32 °C;
  • Heated pool on a sunken terrace: 1,5 meter depth, water temperature up to 28 °C;
  • Coldwater chill pool: 1,2 meter depth, water temperature 5-7 °C;
  • Kids Paradise, a detached terrace, designed especially for children: shallow heated pool 40-80cm in depth, water temperature 34 °C. It has water slides, waterpark amusements and children’s playground;
  • Pontoon-mounted shallow lakewater pool;
  • 10 alfresco Jacuzzis, water temperature 34-38 °C;
  • Inflatable water park zone in the middle of the lake.

Refresh with premium meals and drinks!

  • 7 bars, scattered across the complex;
  • Hookahs and cocktails;
  • "Osteria Italiana", a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant offering Italian breakfasts, wood-fired pizza, traditional pasta and sauces, classic antipasti snacks and culinary delights representing Italy's different regions;
  • Restaurant terrace with stunning mountain views.

Thanks to its unique location amidst the picturesque mountains, higher level of service, sufficient technical equipment and experienced personnel, VODA club is a suitable place to book for a wedding ceremony, corporate or private events, regardless of the season!

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