May 2019
«All at Once» 2019-2020

Book ski-passes now and save up to 50% in the 2019-2020 winter season!

"All at Once" special is a flexible option for people who wish to receive the maximum possible riding experience, for a minimal amount of money. According to the special offer policy, “All at Once” promotional ski-passes are valid during two season periods: from the actual season start till January 1st inclusive; from March 10th until the season end. Beside clear financial benefits this offer provides, promotional ski-passes are valid until completely used, which means they can be used during the exact same two periods of the forthcoming seasons. As for the season duration, there’s a positive historical tendency of slope conditions being favourable for skiers at Bukovel as far as mid-April!

Ski-pass type Winter 2019-20 standard rates
(All season days except for the "Holiday" period of January 2-6)
"All at Once"
Bookable May 3 – May 31

(Valid: Season Start –January 1 inclusive
March 10 – Season End)
3 days 3 400 1 700
5 days 5 370 2 695
10 days 9 545 4 800

The prices are given in UAH

Please note!

  • Promotional ski-passes have an option included for evening skiing.
  • Promotional ski-passes are supposed to be the property of their owners, and buyers alone are entitled to use them. At turnstiles, a 5 minute cooldown timer we set for each ski-pass card to prevent repetitive "wildcat" usage. Passing a card to another person through loading zone fencing is considered rascality and bad manners. In such cases, resort administration has the denial of service right. This includes ski-pass permanent blocking.  
  • "All at Once" promotional ski-passes are valid from the actual start of the 2019-2020 winter season till January 1st (inclusive) and from March 10th till the season end.
  • Promotional ski-passes stay valid until completely used during the exact same two periods of the forthcoming seasons.
  • This is a limited offer.

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