November 2018
«All at Once 2018»

"All at Once" special is a flexible option for people who wish to receive the maximum possible riding experience, for a minimal amount of money. Book ski-passes now and save up to 50% off regular winter season prices!

Ski-pass type

Winter 2018-19 standard rates
(All season days except for the "Holiday" period of January 2-6)

 "All at Once"
Valid: Season Start – January 1 inclusive
March 10 – Season End
Bookable September 17 - October 31 Bookable November 1 - November 30
1 785
3 days 3 400 1 700
5 days 5 370 2 685 2 819
10 days 9 545 4 773 5 011

The prices are given in UAH

Please note that the most beneficial discounts are available through October 31!


  • Promotional ski-passes have an option included for nighttime skiing.
  • There's a strict rule at the resort: one rider - one ski-pass card. This means ski-pass is a property of a buyer, and buyer alone is entitled to use it. At turnstiles, 5 minute cooldown timer we set for each ski-pass card to prevent repetitive "wildcat" usage. Passing a card to another person through loading zone fencing is considered rascality and bad manners. In such cases, resort administration has the denial of service right. This includes ski-pass permanent blocking.  
  • Promotional ski-passes are valid from the beginning of the 2018-2019 winter season till January 1st, and from March 10th till the season end.
  • Promotional ski-passes are valid until completely used and automatically prolonged for the exact same periods of the forthcoming seasons.
  • This is a limited offer.


Promotional ski-passes are available exclusively from our official dealer.

The authorization procedure in the shop has also been modified, thus a good quality photograph of a buyer is now required to complete an order.  Owner's photo should be done on a white background. The face should cover no less than 70-80% of ​​the photo. Added photograph should represent owner's current appearance and be provided without retouching or other means of graphic adjustment. If you wear glasses, then they should not have darkened and/or glared lens, glass frame should not cover any part of an eye. We allow photos both uploaded from hard drives and online web-cam-imported. As soon as the photo is uploaded and authorization/payment procedures complete, your ski-pass will be instantly activated. Please note, that you cannot change the ownership of a promotional ski-pass.

There's a strict rule at the resort: "One rider - one ski-pass card". That means ski-pass is an exclusive property of a buyer, thus they have the exclusive right to use it. Passing a ski-pass to another person is considered rascality and bad manners. In case of such actions being revealed, resort administration will instantly react by using the denial of service right. This includes permanent ski-pass blocking.

The administration carries no responsibility for any losses you take for using counterfeit or expired ski-passes! Pay attention to this if you consider buying a ski-pass of a suspicious origin.

The country of "Bukovel" welcomes you.