October 2014
Discount offer "All at Once"

“All at Once” discount is the best offer for those willing to get maximum of skiing for minimum of money. Purchase these discount skipasses during the campaign time and save over 60%.

This offer allows you enjoy the pleasure of skiing for only some 150 UAH per day! Only now, during the time of this discount offer you can buy skipasses several times cheaper than their season price!

With these skipasses you may ski during two calendar periods: from season start till December 28, and from March 10 till season end.

Skipass Type Winter prices 14-15, UAHDiscount campaign "All at Once"
Till December 28 and from March 10
Work for  All days except for Holiday period 1-6 JanuarySeptember 15 - October 31 2014, UAH 1-30 November 2014
3 days 1275505 530
5 days 1 995845 885
10 days 3 5501500 1575

Please note!!!!

  • Discount skipasses have the option of night skiing included.
  • Ski pass in the property of the buyer and accordingly, he has the sole right to use it. We set the 5-minute breaks in the turnstile pass-through, so the pass of the ticket near the turnstile to other persons will be considered fraud and trouble-making for other customers. Thereafter, resort administration holds the right to assume steps to prevent this up to seizing the ski pass. There’s a strict rule at the resort – one ski pass for one person.
  • Discount ski passes, purchased during this event; start to operate from Winter season 14-15 start and are valid in the following periods: from the actual season start December, 28 and March 10 and till the season ends.
  • Discount skipasses are valid until complete use, but only in the similar periods of the next years.
  • Number of discount ski passes and time of offer are limited.