November 2018
«Extra Days 2018»

"Extra Days" special is a good opportunity for savings, available to everyone at "Bukovel" resort.

Book a five-day ski-pass in September – November, with 2 skiing days complimentary.

Likewise, your ten-day ski-pass goes off with a huge bonus of 4 extra days. Simple as that!

Make haste, promotional ski-passes are available through November 30, 2018!

Ski-pass type

Winter 2018-19 season rates
(All season, except for the "Holiday" period, January 2-6)

 "Extra Days"
Sep 17 -
Nov 30, 2017
(Extra skiing days complimentary!)

3 days 3 400    
5 days 5 370 5+2 days 5 370
10 days 9 545 10+4 days 9 545

The prices are given in UAH.

N.B. Promotional ski-passes are active until completely used. They are valid from the start of the current season, according to the timeframe of the pre-ordered "All Days" period, except for the "Holiday" period of January 2-6. Night skiing option is included.

Extra Days special: pay less, ski more!

Please note!

Promotional ski-passes are available exclusively from our official dealer.

The authorization procedure in the shop has been modified, thus a good quality photograph of a buyer is now required to complete an order.  Owner's photo should be done on a white background. The face should cover no less than 70-80% of ​​a photo. Added photograph should represent owner's current appearance and be provided without retouching or other means of graphic adjustment. If you wear glasses, then they should not have darkened and/or glared lens, glass frame should not cover any part of an eye. We allow photos both uploaded from hard drives and online web-cam imported. After a shot is uploaded and authorization/payment procedures complete, your ski-pass is instantly activated. Note, that you cannot change the ownership of a promotional ski-pass.

There's a strict rule at the resort: "One rider - one ski-pass card". That means ski-pass is an exclusive property of a buyer, thus they have the exclusive right to use it. Passing a ski-pass to another person is considered rascality and bad manners. In case such actions being revealed, resort administration instantly reacts by using the denial of service right. This includes ski-pass permanent blocking.

The administration carries no responsibility for any losses you take for using counterfeit or expired ski-passes! Pay attention to this if you consider buying a ski-pass of a suspicious origin.

The country of "Bukovel" welcomes you.