Insurance in TC «Bukovel»

During the winter season 2020-2021, all "Bukovel" and "Edelweiss" hotel residents or persons having a document confirming the receipt of other services at TC "Bukovel" (ski-pass, rental/ski lift licket) are insured against  accidents and have their medical services partially covered by the insurance in case of an accident.

Medical services are provided at the TC "Bukovel" medical center. In case of a third party person being injured as a result of an accident, the following services are provided:

  • emergency medical care;
  • X-ray services;
  • application of plaster bandages;
  • evacuation to the Yaremche Town Hospital, Nadvirna Town Hospital or Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Hospital, depending on patient’s physical condition.

In order to receive the medical care services, the person must (personally or through a representative) contact the TC "Bukovel" medical center and provide the following information immediately:

  • full name (as it appears in the passport);
  • reason for the appeal (complaints, health issues, etc);
  • sk-pass, rental/lift ticket;
  • patient's actual location and contact phone numbers;
  • other information at doctor's request.

If the tourist has a personal insurance contract (concluded on the side), they must apply to the relevant insurance company first.

Please note! The cost of metal osteosynthesis materials and components (plates, pins, prostheses, orthoses and scotchcast), as well as inpatient treatment will not be covered by the insurance.

Important!!! The actual recipient of insurance indemnity is exclusively TC “Bukovel” medical center. Self-incurred costs are not refundable.