Insurance in TC «Bukovel»

Free medical aid and insurance in TC "Bukovel"

For the period of 2020 summer season, all the residents of "Bukovel Hotel", "Edelweiss" hotel, TC "Bukovel" ski-pass, rental ticket, lift ticket owners are entitled to the following insurance and medical services:

1. Medical services:

  • X-ray examination;
  • Plaster split;
  • First medical aid;
  • Medical evacuation to Yaremche municipal hospital or to Ivano-Frankivsk regional hospital according to medical indications.

All medical services in the resort are provided by the First Aid station. The stated medical services are delivered by the LLC "Aibolit".

2. Accident insurance

All tourists aged 1-75 years, who purchase ski passes or reside in "Bukovel Hotel" or "Edelveis" hotels are insured.


In case of first aid necessity outside the First Aid station of TC "Bukovel" our guest may use the services of:
1. Urgent treatment:


Yaremche central municipal hospital;

Medical center "Aibolit" in Nadvirna central municipal hospital;

Ivano-Frankivsk regional clinical hospital;

Ivano-Frankivsk children's hospital;

Hospital treatment according to the protocol of first aid treatment during a medical emergency or in accordance with the norms of treatment of the particular disease.

2. For medical supplies during the process of hospital treatment:

"Dobrogo Dnia" pharmacy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dovga str, 76; Troleibusna str, 4;

24h pharmacy (delivery);

Nadvirna city hospital drugstore (Shvets SEP);

Medical supplies provision and delivery of subject to agreement with the Insurance Company and in compliance with the norms of medical aid provision and quality of medical treatment.

Maximal amount of medical compensation is 5 000,00 UAH and it is compensated to the tourist in order to pay for the medical services and supplies (not including osteosynthesis supplies – sheets, shafts, prosthetic devices, etc), based on the accident reference with a special list of actions the person in accident should fulfill.

To receive the insurance compensation, tourist has to make the following steps personally or through the representative person:

1.Immediately contact the Insurance Company by phone +380504691903 (24h) and provide operator with the following info:

  • name of the injured person as stated in the passport;
  • reason of call (complaints, symptoms etc.);
  • actual address of location and contact phone numbers;
  • other information on request of doctor-coordinator in the Insurance Company.

2. Within 1 hour after the accident, which could possibly be recognized as an insurable event, apply for blood test for the presence of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances.

3. During 2 working days, prepare a written application concerning the insurable event and send it to the Insurance Company.

Here is the list of necessary documents one must provide in order to receive an insurance compensation:

  • application form describing the occurrence of insurable event;
  • time of application to the Insurance Company – 2 working days;
  • reference issued by the Rescue Service of TC "Bukovel" describing the accident;
  • blood test results with stated absence of alcohol, narcotic or toxic substances;
  • testimonial of the person in charge for compensation receipt;
  • document confirming the injured person’s accommodation in "Bukovel Hotel" or "Edelveis" resort, or document confirming the use of other services on the territory of TC "Bukovel" by the injured person (ski pass, ski outfit rent, etc);
  • protocol with the medical and economic recommendations for treatment of the injured person issued by the medical establishment;
  • proforma-invoice issued (in case of hospital treatment) by the medical establishment – Ivano-Frankivsk regional clinical hospital or any other state medical establishment in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk confirming the prescription of medication to the injured person. The document has to be signed by a chief medical officer and verified with a seal of the medical establishment;
  • in case of death of the injured person the notarized certificate of inheritance should be performed;
  • insurance compensation is fulfilled only in case the insurable event has occurred on the territory of TC "Bukovel" or in "Edelveis" hotel (Yaremche).

Exceptions for the accidents insured:

  • Proven intoxicated by alcohol and its surrogates, drugs or toxic substances;
  • Malicious self-injury (mutilation), suicide or suicide attempt;
  • Force-majeure circumstances (e.g. war, military activities, revolution, upheaval, uprising, civil disorder, strikes, direct or indirect radiation impact).

Personal insurance in TC "Bukovel"

Do your personal accident insurance in TC "Bukovel" for only 30 UAH/day!

Dear friends,

We would like to remind you that all the customers of TC "Bukovel" are automatically insured against accidents. The amount of guaranteed insurance compensation may reach 3 500 UAH and they are paid out for medical treatment.

For any skier, additional personal  life and health insurance is recommended. The service is available at our ticket desks TC "Bukovel". For instance, you may purchase the insurance for 30 UAH per day and receive 10 000 UAH in case of accidents. When your insurance deposit is 60 UAH per day, you might get the compensation of 20 000 UAH.

Insurance policy can be processed at the ticket desks. To draft the policy you should have your passport and tax payer number with you or the birth certificate in case of child insurance. The policy covers expenses for medical treatment and insurance compensations.

Please note! To document the event insured you have to refer to the first aid station of TC "Bukovel" (near the ski lift #2) and there the authorized person will record the accident and issue the reference for you to confirm the insured event happened on the territory of TC "Bukovel". Further on you have to call the hotline 0-800-501-486 and register the event in database of our insurance partner – "Knyazha" insurance company .

We would also like to underline once again that all first medical aid on the territory of the resort for all our customers is free of charge.

We wish you all safe and nice holidays.

The country of "Bukovel" welcomes you.

Prices for Insurance Agreement for TC "Bukovel" customers:

Insurance compensation Insurance payout, UAH General daily rate of insurance for 1 day of insurance agreement, UAH (Ski sports)
Insurance of medical and other expenses 10000 30,00
Accident insurance 10000
Insurance of medical and other expenses 20000 60,00
Accident insurance 20000