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Camp "Mountain"


“Summer StartUp”
June 12 – 25

Summer is a big leisure time, but not for you? Seating idle is making you sick? You constantly strive to self-improvement, right? You should definitely consider joining our friendly team on vacation at Mountain camp. This is where you will find lots of like-minded peers to befriend and we tell you from our experience – “Artek” friendships last for years.

On the course of the session, children will meet a team of volunteers whose efforts will be directed into providing effective and accessible foreign language learning, as English isn’t actually that difficult, but rather fun and exciting. You think you’ll be completely cut off your leisure and entertainment? No worries, we’ve taken care of everything so that one could equally enjoy thrilling pastime with friends and self-improvement.

A multitude of activities have been scheduled for our campers. All children will have the unique opportunity to visit Artek-Bukovel’s birthday party, scheduled within the framework of the sixth annual children's creativity festival, the "Bukovel Star Fest".

The stage is set, the team is all together, the picturesque Carpathians are here – what better way to start an unforgettable summer?

Session 1 special: VI Children’s Creativity Festival “Bukovel Star Fest”

“Great Leaders Grow”
June 26 – July 9

Leadership is an essential trait for a successful personality and a good perk to have since the very childhood. This session will be entirely dedicated to fostering children into strong leaders. Spend 14 days in the mountains, accompanied by professional trainers and counselors, meet your friends, old and new. We’ll do our best for kids to have a perfect holiday experience!

Wait a minute! We almost forgot to tell you about the highlight of this session, the 3rd Annual Children’s humor and comedy festival “Kids Fun Fest”. The guests of our camp will be the most prominent comedy stars from Ukraine’s “League of Laughter”, which means numerous workshops, autograph sessions, fan meetings and, of course, selfie sessions with actors. The festival itself will encourage kids to either form their own teams and compete for the audience’s appreciation, or join referee teams and evaluate the attempts of their peers. We’ll develop in you a taste for fine comedy!

Here are the ingredients for a good “Artek” session. Let’s get started!

Session 2 special: 3rd Annual Children’s humor and comedy festival “Kids Fun Fest”.

“Youth Edition”
July 10 – 23

Let’s try matching the unmatchable: an English-learning profile children’s camp and a camping session, dedicated utterly to Ukrainian books and literature.

That’s right, we’ve invited an entire constellation of personalities, who dedicated their entire life to bookwriting. Not just regular authors, but authors of paradigmatic books you may have read in schools or kindergartens. Present-day masters of storytelling will come to the resort to run workshops and readings, share their precious experience and perhaps even persuade some of you, to ponder your own career as a writer.

However, this won’t be by any means some sort of a boring textbook schooltime routine. No-no-no! Your each day here will be highly-saturated with events and have quite a tight schedule: here you stand chatting with our English-speaking volunteers, but time runs short and you’re leaving for a mountain hike in 10 minutes, followed by a scrabble marathon. Exciting, isn’t it?

Wasn’t it persuasive? Pack your luggage then and meet us on this thrilling midsummer camping session!

Session 3 special: 5th Annual Children’s book festival “Read Ukrainian”

“Self-improvement starts today”
July 24 – August 6

The quintessence of success is constantly moving forward!

Explore the variety of self-improvement courses in the friendly company of friends and “Artek” counselors. Similar to sport, self-improvement is a path of thorns, which leads the most tenacious and faithful to victory. We will learn how to choose priorities, think positively, accumulate Nature’s energy and build a successful communication. There will never be a moment for dull and destructive thoughts.
It will be interesting and worthwhile, as a big team of experienced tutors and English-speaking volunteers has been practicing thoroughly for you visit. Be sure also to meet a dream team of friends, old and new alike, children who, just like you, know the meaning of friendship, enjoy cheerful fireside gatherings and “Artek” songs.

All session long our campers will be visited by renowned master of the sport, to give their tips and share some advices and life hacks on how to achieve remarkable results. Artekiates will be able to ask their own questions and have a minute with athletes to make photo- and autograph sessions. Moreover, the session will be highly saturated with sporting events.

Dear parents, you don’t have to worry, for your kids will stay in the caring hands of professionals! We offer the best camping experience, in a circle of the best and like-minded!

Session 4 special: “Bukovelian Records” sport event

“Business Camp”
August 7 – 20

There is no particular favorable age, when it comes to starting own businesses and planning serious careers. No matter how old you are, it’s neither too early, nor too late.

Take your time and explore the quintessential aspects of business life, which you will surely find useful in your adulthood. Whether you want to be an employee for a big company, or perhaps run your own – “Artek” Business Camp is a place you should definitely visit! 

Enterprising people are the special kind of men, who know the meaning of trying and overcoming obstacles. Perhaps also the meaning of failure, for as long as people do business, those, who are successful from the start – are more rare than you’ll ever imagine. You will learn how important is not to step back: persistent efforts are pivotal for future success. Our guests will gladly share their life experiences so that you could learn from others’ mistakes and create your own business ideas and plans.

A time for an active brainstorm and business affairs, and a time for carefree leisure and thrilling adventures: spend the summer’s last weeks in the company of friends, enjoy crystal clear mountain air and enrich your personality with new memories and acquaintances. Our biggest priority is to provide the best-value, safe and entertaining camping experience!

Session 5 special: 2nd Annual Artek Media Festival


Thematic “Artek” sessions provide a range of development opportunities for your kids.
Note, that depending on a specific session and camp, listed options may vary:

GENERAL EVENTS: repeatable or yearly activities. They have already become classics of "Artek" tradition, combined with the best youth-oriented events our resort has to offer. According to session-specific programs and timings, we involve children and counselors into action of multiple events: celebrations, competitions, festivals, gala-concerts, etc.

CAMP ACTIVITIES: our four camps have their signature style, with different philosophy and approach to recreation, treatment and education. Each camp's unique identity is further reflected in our special camp-specific actions and events.

PLATOON ACTIVITIES: we highly encourage our campers and counselors to develop a unique style and identity for each platoon during the session, thus a huge part of activity time is dedicated to smaller-group events, intended to strengthen team spirit and friendly relationships within each individual group of children.

Educational/personality-development courses. We want children to unleash all the imagination, creative potential and teamwork capabilities, all their knowledge to share with others. We want them to become better in foreign languages, communications and time management. Those who ponder their future early and work hard will succeed in their lives, become reliable citizens and true patriots of the State.

  • Challenges, courses, disputes, educational and role-playing games, workshops and quests in many fields: IQ, erudition, art and literature, business and career, country-studies, outdoors skills, leadership and teambuilding, cooking and household etc.
  • English classes and English-speaking platoons.
  • Creativity contests in drawing, dancing, vocals, music instruments playing, movie-making, poetry, acting and reciting.
  • Charity events and cleanings of the camp.
  • The most talented will develop wall newspapers and platoon presentations. The most worthy and record-breaking Artekiates will enter the Hall of Fame.

Sporting events, entertainment and recreation. Our counselors and PT instructors do their best to improve the health conditions of your children. Healthy and active entertainment is also included. We want our campers to possess a healthy spirit in a healthy body. We introduce our campers to a number of opportunities and facilities so everyone may bring their physical conditioning to an edge, become even more handsome and enjoy a healthy way of life:

  • Daily exercises and gym workouts.
  • Swimming, mountain hikes and geocaching. Quad bikes, velomobiles and water-cycles.
  • Friendly challenges in water-park and extreme-park. Rock climbing, rope courses, horseback tours, mountain biking.
  • Artball, football, table tennis, chess and checkers.
  • Shooting gallery, slot machines, bowling and air hockey.

As summer is the season when children strive to have fun, we diversify this highly saturated list of sporting activity with some versatile and top-quality leisure and entertainment:

  • Everyday meetings and dating events, flash mobs, video conferences, thematic parties, music jams and discos.
  • Photo-quests, photo- and autograph sessions, social media events.
  • Readings and movie showcases.
  • Meetings with showmen, book writers, sportsmen and celebrities.
  • ..and much, much more!

“Artek” heritage and traditions. We strongly believe that small, symbolic things do matter. Every member of our big family will be briefly introduced to the history of the camp, as well as traditional campfire songs, chants, slogans and roundelay folk dances – from the very start of the session. From old times, fireplace has been symbolizing friendship, hope, mutual care and unity. Campfire has become one of the central symbolic figures in Artek movement, thus campfire gatherings are the pivotal feature of our camp’s brand!

"Artek-Bukovel" -  Grow. Explore. Discover.

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