Rules and regulations for ski outfit rentals

In order to use our equipment, you should leave a sum of pledge money, equal to the full value of the gear. You may also leave documents as a pledge (passport / driving license + vehicle tech passport). You should pass documents to the ski rental manager personally. You can only leave one document as a pledge for one set of equipment.

For Cat. A equipment, you can’t leave identity proving document (passport) as a pledge. 

All rental fees are paid in TC “Bukovel” rental pay offices.

Please treat the equipment with caution and care. 

When returning a broken (fully or partially) piece of equipment, you refund the full value for this gear.

You refund the full value of a lost / stolen equipment.

Your pledge money / documents are given back right after you return the equipment.

You are not entitled to any refunds if you don’t use your prepaid rental time.